Fried Chicken

At Soon C Deli, fried chicken is what we’re known for. We use chicken for lots of meals, and we know how to incorporate it in a wide variety of dishes. We include chicken in our curry dishes, salads, combo plates, and more! Our fried chicken is one of our most popular requests. We slather on your favorite sauce, such as BBQ, buffalo, and Hennessy, and serve it with ranch, honey mustard, and other dipping sauces. Add a side order of fries, macaroni salad, or candied yams to complete your meal!

In addition to fried chicken, we also serve many other meats to satisfy your cravings. We’ve got turkey, pork ribs, and meatloaf. In addition, we also serve shrimp, scallops, and other fish combo plates! Is your mouth watering yet? Come to our restaurant to try our fried chicken today!

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